Verse Book 1: The Broken Half
Art and Story: Sam Beck
Published by Wonderbound (2021)

Fife is your typical apprentice blacksmith and he knows one thing for certain. Magic doesn’t exist anymore. Sure, there’s the Verse, but that’s not the same thing at all. Then he meets Neitya, who isn’t your typical girl, and everything he knows changes in a flash of…well…magic.

“Verse’s rich drawings and colours beautifully illustrate a complicated engaging fantasy world filled with sympathetic characters. I can’t wait to learn more about them as their journey continues!” - Faith Erin Hicks, The Nameless City

Book 1 of the three volume series of original graphic novels.

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Verse Book 2: The Second Gate
Art and Story: Sam Beck
Published by Wonderbound (2022)

Held captive by the leaders of a dangerous new movement, Neitya is forced to face a darker side of her abilities that threaten to tear her away from Fife, her only true friend. The only way back to one another may be to follow their destinies down divergent paths and discover what it means to face their worst fears alone. 

Book 2 of the three volume series of original graphic novels.

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Renegade Rule
Written by: Ben Kahn, Rachel Silverstein
Art by: Sam Beck
Letters: Jim Campbell
Published by: Dark Horse

Nominated for a GLAAD Media Award in Outstanding Original Graphic Novel/Anthology

The Manhattan Mist have beaten the odds to land themselves in the national championships for Renegade Rule, one of the hottest virtual reality games in existence. But they're in for competition fiercer than they ever imagined, and one team member's entire future could be at stake.

Winter Parting
Art and Story: Sam Beck

A short story about a forest that falls in love. 
Printed by Colour Code - 4-colour Risograph.
28 pages

Full comic on Gumroad

The Necromancer’s Map #1-4
Written by: Andrea Fort, Michael Christopher Heron
Covers & Inks: Sam Beck
Colours: Ellie Wright
Lettered by: Deron Bennett
Published by: Vault Comics

Covers for Single Issues below.


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